How to Use

How can I use this service?

Using the Concierge Service is easy:

  • Call: To speak to a concierge, please call the number listed on the top left hand side of the page. Once connected, we’ll start working for you immediately.
  • Email: To email a concierge, send a message to We’ll ask you a few questions in the email form, then all you do is click send and we’re off to work!
  • Online : Log on to the site and use our  service friendly products & forms to help us understand your service requests and our concierge will be in touch with you with a solution within 24 working hours·
  • Read Reviews: Interested in browsing the concierges’ recommendations or special offers? You have access to Online- Members-only concierge recommendations for destinations worldwide. Additionally, you have access to exclusive offers and discounts that can only be found through your concierge service.